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Life Is Art Enough

Art fair frankfurt, 2000
Curator Christine Peters

In the beginning was the generous gesture of a host, respectively, the event, i.e. the invitation from the artist not merely to passively attend a self-staging but to actively interchange with what was happening. Yet "Objet du désir" is in no way provocative or painful as was the case with most performances of the 70s. Much rather, it acts like a colorful decoy that can even be eaten or taken home as a souvenir. Nearly at the beginning was the installation by Simon Beer that gave observers the possibility – or let it immediately happen or even secretly forced the visitor – to tread the actionistic path.

The leitmotiv here is the quest for pleasure, for being together; additionally, the creation of a site for experiences and communication and its staging as an everchanging sculptural design.

Simon Beer waits with his first guest for two further guests to complete the table and begin the meal.

Simon Beer toasting his guests.

Shortly before the main course is served. Overall view with fair visitors.

Table, 4 chairs, place settings, flowers, 5 course meal, red wine, white wine, mobile kitchen, cook, service personnel.
Duration: 3 hours.